This site was just thrown together as an easy way to explain the many versions of Umineko (In English) and how they differ from each other. This page is mostly finished, but there are still some things I want to add and tweak. If you have any feedback, changes, or inclusions for me to add to the site, then please don’t be afraid to DM me about it.

3/28/23 - I'm probably going to host this page on NeoCities or GitHub in the future, but this Tumblr will link to those or just be identical, idk yet. I also remade the entire site all over again due to really messy html :)


Umineko When They Cry is a Japanese murder mystery visual novel, written by Ryukishi07, released in 2007. The plot revolves around a bizarre case of serial murders that take place on the isolated island, Rokkenjima.

Official Releases

MangaGamer/Steam – The only official release of Umineko outside of Japan (at the moment). The MangaGamer version of Umineko is based off the original PC release, with the added inclusion of entirely new, optional sprites to use in place of the originals.

Manga Adaptation - The manga version of Umineko does an amazing job at adapting the original visual novel into a different medium. The pacing is definitely a lot faster than the original, but you still get the full experience if it’s your only option for reading Umineko. Episodes 7 and 8 in the manga are different than their original visual novel versions, the changes made make it definitely worth the read for preexisting fans too. Just like the original, the manga is long, adapting the episodes in 4 - 9 volumes each.

Anime Adaptation - Not real, does not exist, there is no love.

Fan Translations & Mods

Witch Hunt Translation - This is the first ever English translation of Umineko.including the MangaGamer/Steam version.*

Umitweaks - A PS3 sprite, background, and voices mod for the original PC release of Umineko.*

07th-Mod - A PS3, sprite, background, and voices mod for the MangaGamer/Steam release of Umineko. 07th-Mod also has a voice only patch to use with the Ryukishi and Pachinko sprites.

Umineko Project - An open source port of the HD PS3 version of Umineko. Umineko Project includes features not found in 07th-Mod, like animated rain, animated CGS and transition effects, animated mouth flaps, and BGM titles display when tracks are changed. Umineko Project’s translation is entirely new and separate from the Witch Hunt Translation

Umineko Catbox English Patch - A full translation patch for Umineko: The Symphony of Catbox and Dreams on Nintendo Switch. To use this patch, you need either an unpatched modded Nintendo Switch with Atmosphere, or a Switch Emulator like Yuzu or Ryujinx.

*Both Witch Hunt Translation and Umitweaks are now irrelevant due to newer mods.

Choosing a Version to Read

There are many options for what version of Umineko to actually read. Below, there are 3 sprite styles, clicking on one will show you the diffrent options for reading with the chosen style.

Currently, this feature is a work in progress, but all the information would be stuff already on this page.